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Two Artists Gallery

  • Red Tulip

    Red Tulip Suncatcher Tile

    Tulips signify trust... and trust us, you will really like these no-maintenance flowers.  Tiles and tulips are made from hand-cut glass and fused in our kiln.  Approximately 6 x 6.5".

  • Encaustic

    Owl’s Eye

    Inspired by the spooky harvest moon nights, this encaustic and oil painting is one of my favorites.  However, when showing to others some people mentioned seeing the owl's eye.  I looked again and now that is all that I can see.  An 8x10 painting framed to approximately 11x13 inches.

We are two artists in Reynoldsburg, Ohio that have never met an art we didn’t like.  Browse our shop for fine original art we have for sale or view our portfolio for some of our favorites.
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Rex: I primarily do oil, acrylic, and encaustic paintings and copper enameling. I often develop my paintings as I create them, starting with an original idea and then refining it as I work. Paint mysteriously finds its way onto whatever I am wearing at the time.

Jennifer: I enjoy calligraphy, printmaking, and watercolor. I like to think an idea to death before committing to it and have been known to practice a piece several times before creating a final version.

We both love working with clay and glass. We travel as often as we can and look for inspiration from sources as diverse as coffee shops, fortune cookies, sarcastic comments, and dreams.


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