Barnhouse Windows – The Beginning….

We have these old beat up six-pane windows that we’ve been moving from here to there, storing, moving some more and trying to find a place to put them.  We finally decided that we would use one of them for a stained glass project that would eventually find it’s way into our garden as a yard ornament.

Six-Pane Window

We thought you might enjoy watching the progress of this from the beginning.

After measuring the window and all of the panes, we got a large piece of paper and drafted the image that we thought we would attempt to put in the window panes.

Then painstakingly and painfully attempted to remove all of the panes.  We successfully kept one pane intact.  Disappointing, but since we were just going to cut the panes up to use in the image not a crisis.  That left the window at the state as shown here.

In the next update, we will probably show either the total image or some of the completed panes.

This is turning out to be a huge project and will take a long time to complete.  Have you ever completed similar projects?

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