Flamingoes at Night

Have you ever played an art prank on someone? Our latest art prank was inspired by a neighborhood where we run. Last summer, a flock of plastic flamingoes migrated from yard to yard over several months. The flock took on different configurations, and baby flamingoes joined the group at some point. We made up stories about how the neighbors pulled this off, and we cracked ourselves up thinking of ways we could join in the fun. Our own neighbors are funny, friendly, and good-natured… it’s only natural we would want to share the fun with them! Thus, Frankenmingo and Mummymingo came to be. We just sneaked over to our neighbor’s yard, in the dark and the icy rain, and planted the Halloween flamingoes under their little tree. My husband is their creator and he did a masterful job. Frankie is green and has a bolt sticking out of his neck, various painted stitches, and a black mohawk. Mummy is also green underneath, and he’s wrapped in gauze soaked in some homemade concoction, dusted with glow-in-the-dark spray paint, and has one googly eye. Can you picture them?

I realize it may be a stretch to call these flamingoes “art” or to elevate our goofy little adventure to an art prank. It was fun, though, and creative. I’ve really enjoyed photos and stories about yarn-bombing and people who plant original art in unexpected places for others to discover. I’d love to hear your stories about art pranks and other creative ways you’ve found to infect the world around you with art.