Happy Accidents

I wanted to share a little something we’ve been working on, in hopes of conjuring more spring-like weather.  This fused glass plate started out as an accident and was compounded by a second accident.



Initial plan: use Glassline pens to “draw” a flower onto a yellow glass disk, tack fuse the design, then full fuse to a clear glass disk (same size).  Outcome: we accidentally ran a full fuse instead of a tack fuse, and glass being glass likes to be thicker than the single layer we fired.  (This happened to an entire kiln load, by the way.)  The edges pulled up and rounded beautifully, while the middle was a bit thinner.  It wasn’t what I had in mind but I thought it had potential… I just had to let the ideas percolate.


Next plan: I landed on the idea of making the yellow flower disk the foot of a clear glass plate.  Around the edges of the plate, I would write “loves me” and “loves me not.”  Rex suggested adding little bitty flowers between the phrases, losing one petal at a time.  I was not sold on the idea initially but decided to try it.  Tack fuse to set the lettering and petals: initiated.  Outcome: pretty close to what I had in mind.


Next step: we discussed at length the next steps of the fusing process and decided to slump the plate onto foot and into the plate mold in one step.  Outcome: I expected the plate to tack itself to the foot, but it slumped around the foot just a bit.  Not exactly what I had in mind but it wasn’t bad… except for the devitrification on the plate.  Argh!  We’ve done quite a few firings and almost never had devit.  After getting input from a super talented glass artist on what happened, we concluded that the yucky cloudy devit happened because we fired just a few pieces (instead of a full load) on the lowest shelf (which gets hotter on the bottom and had no shelf above to help radiate the heat downward).  Now what to do.


Experiment: Rex taped off the foot and sand-blasted the bottom of the plate.  The outcome is pictured… I’d call this one of the most pleasant surprises.  We hope you like it, too.

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