Oh No! Yard Art Stained Glass Mishaps and Disasters

All panes cut, foiled, soldered and fitted to the frame.  So it’s time to start glazing and final assembly.  Woohoo!  And then it happened.  I was sliding a glazing point into the frame and I heard a sickening crreeeaaack!  Sure enough, one of the glass pieces cracked.  Early on in the design I had decided to make use of the original glass.  Unfortunately that glass was thinner and old and brittle.  There was a lot of cuts that didn’t make it to the window as this glass kept breaking on me.  Fortunately, the piece that fractured was small and I was able to replace it and make the repair unnoticeable.  Back to glazing!!

That is turning out to be much harder than I anticipated.  I expected the goo used for glazing to be about the consistency of putty, but it is much thicker and you are not supposed to thin it out.

I have about a pane and a half glazed and hope to finish it out tomorrow.  Pictures of the completed window will be in the next post.  Stay tuned!!  We’ll be needing on advice on what the next step with the window should be on this journey.

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