Our Story

Rex Brown and Jennifer Jolley Brown are married to each other, live in Reynoldsburg, and have never met an art they didn’t like. They generally work separately but collaborate occasionally. Rex does oil, acrylic, and encaustic paintings and copper enameling. He often develops his paintings as he creates them, starting with an original idea and then refining it as he goes. Sometimes he wears the evidence of the possibilities on his hands (and clothes). Jennifer does calligraphy, printmaking, and watercolor. She likes to think an idea to death before committing to it and is known to practice pieces several times before creating a final version. They both love working with clay and glass. They travel as often as they can and look for inspiration from sources as diverse as coffee shops, fortune cookies, the sarcastic wit of friends and family, and dreams.
If you’re interested in commissioning something special, please contact Jennifer@twoartists.biz.

Jennifer Jolley Brown

  • The Old Monks

  • Black Cherry

Art is a story and a journey.   These are both important to me, so I show up in work clothes, roll up my sleeves, and make the pieces that tell the story.


I express myself and connect with the world and other people through art.  I imagine projects that are opportunities to solve problems and challenge myself, and I spend quite a lot of time exploring possible solutions and iterations.  Working in different mediums expands the possibilities exponentially for me.


I make art about ideas or concepts that are important to me.  That includes pieces that are just fun!  My art also represents questions I have asked myself.  I don’t just want to know “what would happen if”; I want to see it.


I’m pretty deliberate about the way I approach most art projects, and although there is definitely an emotional component to my art, I like to study and think my projects to death before I get started.  Text is a huge part of my work, and I have incorporated it into glass, clay, watercolors, prints, and photographs.  I love it when people ask me what inspired a particular piece of art, because there’s almost always a story.  Telling the story is part of the fun.

Rex Brown

  • Milky Way

  • Desert Sunset

Keeping an open mind and an alert eye has allowed me to capture moments in time that may have escaped the notice of others. I try to capture the unusual, the memories, or the beauty, freezing in a moment the things that make life such a wonderful experience. My creative expressions are the key to finding my inner consciousness.

My journey began with oil painting, but I have followed a similar path with other mediums. Most times, I start with a plan or an idea, but I rarely follow it to the original conception. Somewhere on the journey, I become lost in the medium. I begin to see other characteristics, images, or textures. When I listen, magic happens, time ceases to exist and beauty unfolds.

I hope my efforts bring those feelings to the viewer.