When life hands you snow, make stuff out of it

In late December, in central Ohio, we can (and do) get every kind of weather.  This year, it snowed.  And snowed some more.   We almost missed out on winter last year, and I was SO excited to get snow – right after Christmas, too!  And thus the opportunity presented itself for sculptures of a different kind.  Snow Kitty was born.


Snow CatHe has papyrus whiskers (from our now defunct plant) and coneflower seed heads for eyes (I found a few that the finches hadn’t decimated yet).  The only scarf I could put my hands on is the one my mom crocheted for me a few years ago… I figured she wouldn’t mind, since it was being used for “art.”


I built Snow Kitty in our back yard, facing the neighbors and primarily for their amusement.  They couldn’t resist the bait.  The next morning, a galvanized bucket with a few adult beverages had appeared beside Snow Kitty.  I guess he’d been out catting around.


Snow Kitty has a friend in the front yard now.  Just to his right is a snow “man” lying on the ground, with a nice, chubby belly, wearing a ball cap, sunglasses, and holding a beer in his right hand.


The neighbors haven’t said a word about the two new additions.  Yet.

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