Yard Art Stain Glass Window Project Update

This week’s update continues the explanation of an individual pane.  I left off on the last post with each piece of glass being foiled with copper.  Then it is pinned with nails to stabilize and secure all the glass.  After applying a coat of flux, all of the pieces are soldered together and you end up with the pane looking like this.

Soldered PaneAt this point, the pane is ready for application of a patina.  For this project I am using a black patina on all the panes.  I got sidetracked working on other panes and haven’t put the patina on this pane yet.

I did go back to the original frame and clean it up and get it prepared for insertion of the panes and glazing.  I’ll need to do some minor (I hope) adjustments for the panes to fit exactly.

There are two more panes to cut, foil, solder and patina and then it will be ready for assembly.

Jen and I have been discussing whether the frame should be cleaned up and a fresh coat of paint applied or leave it looking weathered.  What do you think?

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