Yard-Art Stained Glass Window – Continued

Let me start this post with a correction.  I had been calling this a “Barnhouse” window and Jen asked me why.  These window frames are clearly not something that would be put in a barn.  I think in my daze I meant to say “Farmhouse” window.  Regardless, these are destined to become various forms of yard or garden art.  So the work continues on it.  I thought this week’s update should highlight one of the individual panes.  By the way, this has been the easiest so far.

Window PatternFirst you cut out the pattern and number all of the pieces (before you cut them out).  A complicated pattern would be worse than a jigsaw puzzle on trying to reassemble.

Window with Glass cut

Then you cut the glass to match the pattern.









Window with Copper Foil

Then you need to apply a metal to the edges of the glass to give the solder a base to adhere to and helps to hold the pane together. This can be lead caming or copper foil. In this case, I chose to copper foil the pieces of glass. I used two types of copper foil in this pane. For the transparent pieces I used a foil with black backing and the opaque pieces I used copper backing. On the transparent pieces this will provide a better view of the edges when looking through the glass. The “foil” will disappear.

While corny, I can’t help but say, “Curses, foiled again!” everytime I get to this stage. Do you have any silly things that are part of your routine in an art project?

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